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First blog post! Runza Wedding Photos ❤️

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I've never been a blogger by any means, so bear with me! Welcome!

As some of you know, my great grandmother, Sarah (Sally) Everett, started Runza in 1949. So needless to say, Runza is very near and dear to me. ❤

I met Carolann through a post I made about my grandparents' Runza at 50th and Center in Omaha reopening after a complete rebuild. She said her father passed away when she was younger and this Runza location was their favorite spot to go to. ❤ Every year on her dad's birthday and the anniversary of him passing away, she would honor his memory by stopping at Runza. She was excited to see it reopen in time for her wedding reception (she and her husband got married out of state in December), as she wanted to honor her dad by taking photos in their wedding attire at Runza! This absolutely made my heart MELT! I told her I was a professional photographer myself and I'd LOVE to follow their photographer and see their Runza wedding photos! She told me it wasn't in their budget to have a photographer, so they were just going to have someone take a few photos on their cell phone... of course I could not let this happen, especially to such a loyal Runza customer! I offered to take their photos at no cost to them, as a thank you for loving my family's company so dearly.

It was an absolute honor to take these photos for you, Carolann and Derek. I have no doubt your dad, as well as my Grandma Everett, are smiling at these from up above. ❤

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