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Sports  Investment

Picture day is made easy with Sara Smith Photography, LLC!

SSP offers volume sports and dance photography to many area teams! On-location or in-studio!

Coaches, my custom designed team banners are a great way to show team spirit! Available in many sizes, starting at $285! Price includes my time and expertise for your team shoot and a premium vinyl team banner (one sided) with grommets for easy hanging! Parents can choose to order their child's individual photos from the shoot if they wish! Have sponsors? Add their logo to your banner!

Parents, no pesky order forms! Simply opt in to my program and get a notification when your team's photos are ready! Our FaceFind feature magically finds your child's photos within the team gallery for you! You can view your child's photos before ordering and order exactly what you want. No more blind ordering! It's really that simple!

My custom designed individual banners are available for purchase by parents and/or coaches! Vinyl and print options available!

Now booking 2024 spring sports and dance recital portraits! Email me at to book!

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